About Us

Our Vision

Knightsbridge Chemicals Limited will be a premier chemicals manufacturer and market leader focused on the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa.

We will achieve this position in the marketplace by being customer-driven, innovative, creative, and committed to technical and managerial excellence.

We will operate profitably according to the requirements of the Knightsbridge Group, ethically, and in a socially responsible manner.

Our Mission

Our intention at Knightsbridge Chemicals Limited is to grow lasting relationships with our clients, employees and the communities in which we live: this we will accomplish with integrity and honesty, by understanding of their needs, and with an enthusiasm for excellence.

Knightsbridge Worldwide

Knightsbridge is a global company known for its innovation in products and services engineered for a variety of industries. Founded in 1997, Knightsbridge continues to be a leader in chemicals, oil and gas, renewable energy, beef genetics, and real estate industries. The company maintains an active global presence, represented by an international network of production and marketing companies; Knightsbridge has extended operations in many countries around the world, multiple production and sales companies, and regional and local employees. This global market presence enables adaptation of Knightsbridge’s highly specialized “know-how” quickly and efficiently to local customer and market conditions.

Knightsbridge regards itself as a “multi-domestic” company, which puts the needs of the local customer at the very center of our business activities. The company’s products and systems, backed by comprehensive service packages, are carefully tailored to local market needs and more specifically, to our customers. Your local Knightsbridge team, consisting of a staff of specialists under local management puts this philosophy into practice everyday.

Research and Development

Knightsbridge’s research and development activities are likewise conducted on the principle: “Think Global, Act Local”. The company’s Global R&D facilities are supported by regional Technology Centers throughout the world, including one in Dubai. This structure facilitates the rapid transfer of technology and know-how, provides close contact with the marketplace and enables new research results to be implemented world-wide without delay.


The Knightsbridge Group has a decentralized organizational structure in which the operating units stay close to the customer and enjoy a high degree of autonomy. A lean and transparent corporate structure makes for faster decision-making and shorter lines of communication.

Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

The safety and well-being of our staff, neighboring communities, contractors and customers is of paramount concern to KCL. Each of our businesses has an HSE policy which conforms to international best practice.

  • The equipment that we use is designed and operated to the highest standards. All our businesses carry out regular internal audits to ensure that these standards are being maintained.
  • Staff at our production plants, and in the research and development laboratories, are all highly qualified and work to strict HSE regulations.
  • Every storage tank and warehouse is periodically inspected and maintained to make sure that they comply to our rigid HSE standards.
  • All our employees are trained in emergency procedures.
  • We exercise strict controls on waste water and effluents.